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Wednesday, 22 February 2012



There has been a palpable tension in my home since yesterday. All three of us-me, mom and dad-are keeping silent, not talking much to each other.
I have woken up early. Actually I haven't slept properly the whole night.It is still dark and very cold.I wonder what is going to happen today.I've been waiting for this day with all my heart, yet my happiness is clouded by the tension in the house. This happens every time Al comes to pick me up for a walk or evening out.Al, my Albert, my beau. Some day I'll tell you more about him and our love too. We have been going steady these three years and yet my dad isn't ready to accept him. I just don't understand why.Al's dad is my dad's close friend.Our families share a good rapport. Al's mother is a wonderful cook and my mom  is always eager to learn some new recipe from her and both these ladies try out some new dish first on me! They know I'll always say,"wow!"
  A rosy pic. Isn't it? But it carries the worst thorns! Al's dad thinks Al is good for nothing and wasting his time on useless things. You ask,why? 'Cause Al doesn't want to join his dad's business. He doesn't want to live off his dad. He wants to do his own thing,to be on his own. He wants to be a sculptor and is learning from a master. He has acquired some software diploma and does some freelance jobs for some architects to meet his own expenses. Al's dad is angry with him more for his dropping out of Oxford. Al has confided in me that he did so only because he was tired of being a slave to his dad's tyrannical dream about him.His dad's pressure had almost driven him mad.Al doesn't like that commerce branch. Accounts and all that gets on his nerves. Instead he likes to draw, paint, sculpt.What's wrong with it? Following him, I too am taking lessons in painting,(No! not from him!) and enjoy it.
   My case isn't different. Since the time I've declared my love for Al,my dad's love for me has vanished in thin air! No more hugs, no more dark chocolates for me! He thinks that Al has a very bad influence upon me and only due to Al I've started indulging in the same wasteful things like painting, joining poets' conclaves, writing blogs etc. As it is, ditto like Al's dad, he wanted me to pursue medical education to become a doctor like him. But I straightaway refused. he still rues the fact that he had to give in to pressure from my teachers and also from my mom to allow me to study Advance English at Cambridge and pursue the field of creative writing, which according to him will get me only peanuts, and all that so called 'creative satisfaction' is all blah, blah! Even now he never misses a chance of subtly showing his displeasure about it. And now he is worried that I may  follow Al's suit and drop out of Cambridge!
   His another objection to my relationship with Al is about our age difference. I am 19 and Al is 27. So what? Is Al an old goat? Dad doesn't understand as to how I fell in love with Al while I am totally indifferent to boys of my own age or those 'shining' Cambridge boys. Many wonder about my love for Al and sometimes me and Al wonder too! But that's different story. About it sometimes later.
   Point is, when me and Al are going steady these three years, why doesn't my dad accept this fact? Al's parents and my mom pose to be indifferent, but thank God, they at least don't object!
 Well, to ease the tension I go and hug mom first and rush to kitchen to prepare something nice for breakfast as a way of 'waving white flag'! It works! Dad smiles and returns my hug with a warm cuddle. He even appreciates my handmade greeting card for him and mom for this V-Day.
 He says indulgently,"Elle, what would you like to have for today,baby?" and then the very next moment his smile is erased by a frown and he mutters,"Oh, I forgot,today that fellow will come to fetch you. well, let us know if you want some money for today's evening."
   Oh, that whiplash! It is meant more for Al than me. Yet I say nothing. I don't want to spoil my special day.
     Then comes Al's text. He wants me within fifteen minutes at the corner of Stuckley street. he will be waiting for me there at the GiftShop.Oh, but that shop is exclusively for men! Does Al want to purchase something for himself of my choice? I wonder.
   I reach there. He asks me to choose a tie for my dad! I am surprised and also so happy! I want to kiss him then and there but I check myself. I simply give his hand a tug.
We then return to my house. Al politely wishes my parents and then presents that tie to my dad as a 'Valentine's Day's present'. He has brought mom's favorite Gucci's perfume too! I am so impressed by his thoughtful gesture and eagerly scan my parents' faces for their reaction, thinking that perhaps now the ice may thaw!...
  Mom smiles at Al, nods head in acceptance and rushes inside. Why? She soon comes back and gives a gift-wrapped box to Al, saying in a loving tone,"be happy. This is just a set of painting brushes." 
  OMG!! I can't control myself.I go and hug her and kiss her wordlessly. Her pat is so reassuring! And see  that look on Al's face! He is surprised and delighted! He waits for me to get distangled from mom and then coming forward he gently takes her hand and says,"Thank you, ma'am. I won't forget this moment and will cherish this gift forever." He doesn't say much. As it is, he isn't given  much to words.
  Dad is looking rather surprisedly at us. I look back to him. He clears his throat and mumbles,"Hmm,a nice tie, but it must have dug a hole in your pocket. Anyway, thanks, Albert."
  No handshake!?
  Al mutters,"My pleasure, sir,may we take your leave now? please don't worry, I'll bring Elle back safely before midnight." Yes, that's good. I wanted Al to retort only like this!
 Then turning to me, he says, "Come, Elle, let's go."
 I don't ask him where. I simply give my hand in his hand. Before starting the car, Al hugs me lightly and with a peck on my cheek,he whispers,"Don't worry, sweetie, I think we have won half the battle."
 Really? I wonder. Al doesn't know my dad. Pardon me for using some bad slang words for my dad, but it is true, my dad is a very hard nut to crack...
 I put away such thoughts with an effort, rest my head on Al's shoulder and we move ahead.....

........Autumn Eliza

Sunday, 5 February 2012



The weather was fine,
And bright sunshine,
So I went out to play,
Singing a song
All along,
 In a mood merry and gay.

  I never knew
  That there were a few
  Waiting in the bush,
  To surprise me
  And entrap me
  Like a prey in ambush.

   They were glad
   When they had
   Pinned me down in dirt,
  They laughed and jeered,
  Smirked and sneered
  At my injury and hurt.

    Succeeding in their ploy,
    They left in joy,
    For me they didn't care,
    In anger and shame,
    I scolded them,
    Then I saw you standing there!

     You stayed for a while,
     With a sweet smile,
     As if you meant to say,
    "Don't sully your mind,
     But try to find
    A better way to play!

     "You are my girl,
      So don't be a churl,
      Just forgive them and forget,
    Whatever they may do,
     Just believe in you,
    Then you won't ever regret!"

       .........AUTUMN ELIZA